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Historic Buildings

Today’s sophisticated international investors deserve exceptional service to navigate the real estate investment journey efficiently and cost-effectively

SCI LES HALLES was established in 2000 as a Real Estate Company in the South West of France, we advise international clients on real estate investments as private residence or income generating asset. 

We introduce to our special clients a selection of rare and beautiful properties for sale in the South West region of France.

Our bespoke services  provide clients with the essentials tools in the decision-making, planning and exection of real estate investments. 

Our investment portfolio is a reflection on our invesmtent approach and vision. 


Our personal approach allows our clients to focus on developing an investment or to enjoy the journey of creating their dream home in France.

Designing your property starts with a vision and SCI LES HALLES are here to assist you in making your designs come to life. 

We take the architectural and interior design process to the next level by taking a holistic approach that seamlessly integrates interior design and build with cost-control throughout the process.

Our team is dedicated to creating the right image for your ideas.

We hvae designed projects from country cottage retreats, farmhouses to mutli-use hisotrical town square buildings and more. 

SCI LES HALLES is working in collaboration with the Japanese Antiques and Design Firm, Kotiques Antiques and Interiors o bring a unqiue flare to our design services. 

We have partnered with Kotiques, to assist our clients in growing their antiques collections or start their journey in investing in alternative assets. Kotiques specializes in creating the perfect harmony in interiors by coordinating Japanese antiques and interior decor items with European flare. SCI LES HALLES is also able to provide a welath of knoweldge and rescources on European Antiques and Art for Kotiques and their market abroad.   



6  /  2018

Working in Collaboration with Japanese Antiques and Interior Decor Firm, Kotiques Antiuqes & Interiors to bring you the best from the Japanese market 


12  /  2022

We are proud to annouce the sale of a Historic Registered multi-use Building in the heart of Belves. Under new ownership - the buiding will have a Traditianl French Restruarnt at street level creating a new vibrant atompshere on the Square.


4  /  2023

Insider: Plans to production - the full architecture process. New Company Website Launch. 
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